Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 1-106

UCC 1-106


Use of singular and plural; gender.

In the Uniform Commercial Code, unless the statutory context otherwise requires:

(1) words in the singular number include the plural, and those in the plural include the singular; and

(2) words of any gender also refer to any other gender.



  • Source: Former section 1-102(5). See also 1 U.S.C. section 1.

  • Changes from former law: Other than minor stylistic changes, this section is identical to former section 1-102(5).

  • 1. This section makes it clear that the use of singular or plural in the text of the Uniform Commercial Code is generally only a matter of drafting style—singular words may be applied in the plural, and plural words may be applied in the singular. Only when it is clear from the statutory context that the use of the singular or plural does not include the other is this rule inapplicable. See, e.g., section 9-322.