Journal Summary for May 3rd, 2023

108th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 71

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Document Description Journal Page
LB14 Placed on General File with AM1146 1338
LB14 Judiciary AM1146 filed 1338
LB139 Placed on General File with AM1518 1338
LB139 Judiciary AM1518 filed 1338
LB157 Placed on General File with AM1525 1338
LB157 Judiciary AM1525 filed 1338
LB814 AM1548 pending 1338
LB124 Placed on General File 1339
LB199 Placed on General File 1339
LB532 Placed on General File with AM1560 1339
LB532 Urban Affairs AM1560 filed 1339
LR110 Adopted 1339
LR110 President/Speaker signed 1339
LR111 Adopted 1339
LR111 President/Speaker signed 1339
LR112 Adopted 1339
LR112 President/Speaker signed 1339
LR113 Adopted 1339
LR113 President/Speaker signed 1339
LR114 Adopted 1339
LR114 President/Speaker signed 1339
LB814 Cavanaugh, J. AM1548 lost 1340
LB814 Dungan AM1581 filed 1340
LB814 Dungan AM1581 adopted 1340
LR124 Date of introduction 1340
LR124 Referred to Executive Board 1341
LR125 Date of introduction 1341
LB814 Linehan AM1573 filed 1342
LR125 Referred to Executive Board 1342
LB814 Linehan AM1573 withdrawn 1343
LB814 McDonnell AM1568 filed 1343
LB814 McDonnell AM1568 adopted 1343
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. AM1589 filed 1343
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. AM1589 lost 1343
LB814 Hansen, B. AM1578 filed 1343
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. AM1588 filed 1344
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. AM1588 withdrawn 1344
LB814 Wayne AM1545 withdrawn 1344
LB814 Wayne AM1596 filed 1344
LB814 Wayne AM1596 adopted 1344
LB814 McKinney AM1599 filed 1344
LB814 AM1599 pending 1344
LB814 McKinney AM1599 lost 1345
LR126 Date of introduction 1345
LB814 McKinney AM1605 filed 1346
LB814 McKinney AM1605 adopted 1346
LR126 Referred to Executive Board 1346
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. AM1597 filed 1347
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. AM1597 lost 1347
LB813 Clements AM1591 filed 1348
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. FA85 filed 1348
LB814 Cavanaugh, M. FA85 lost 1348
LB814 Arch MO1012 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed 1348
LB814 Arch MO1012 prevailed 1348
LB818 Moser AM1584 filed 1348
LB724 Conrad name added 1349
LB774 Conrad name added 1349
LB814 Appropriations AM915 adopted 1349
LB814 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 1349