Journal Summary for April 19th, 2023

108th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 65

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Document Description Journal Page
LB296 Presented to Governor on April 19, 2023 1183
LB775 Presented to Governor on April 19, 2023 1183
LR88 Adopted 1183
LR89 Adopted 1183
LR90 Adopted 1183
LR91 Adopted 1183
LR92 Adopted 1183
LR93 Adopted 1183
LB77 MO115 pending 1184
LB708 Placed on General File 1184
LB754 Raybould AM1405 filed 1184
LR88 President/Speaker signed 1184
LR89 President/Speaker signed 1184
LR90 President/Speaker signed 1184
LR91 President/Speaker signed 1184
LR92 President/Speaker signed 1184
LR93 President/Speaker signed 1184
LR101 Date of introduction 1184
LB77 Brewer MO962 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed 1185
LB77 Brewer MO962 prevailed 1185
LB77 Raybould MO115 failed 1185
LR101 Laid over 1185
LB77 Dispensing of reading at large approved 1186
LB77 Passed on Final Reading 33-14-2 1187
LB77 President/Speaker signed 1187
LB583A Date of introduction 1187
LB583A Placed on General File 1187
LB77 Presented to Governor on April 19, 2023 1188
LB191 MO350 pending 1188
LB524 Fredrickson AM902 filed 1188
LB648 McDonnell AM814 filed 1188
LR102 Date of introduction 1189
LR102 Laid over 1190
LR103 Date of introduction 1190
LR103 Referred to Executive Board 1191
LR104 Date of introduction 1191
LR104 Referred to Executive Board 1191
LR105 Date of introduction 1191
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. MO350 failed 1192
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. MO963 Reconsider MO350 filed 1192
LB191 MO963 pending 1192
LB372 Placed on General File with AM1231 1192
LB372 Education AM1231 filed 1192
LB600 Notice of hearing for April 27, 2023 on AM1390 1192
LR105 Referred to Executive Board 1192
LB632 Placed on General File with AM1208 1193
LB632 Education AM1208 filed 1193
LB703 Placed on General File with AM1409 1195
LB703 Education AM1409 filed 1195
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. MO963 failed 1199
LB191 MO352 pending 1199
LB724 Placed on General File with AM1235 1199
LB724 Education AM1235 filed 1199
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. MO352 failed 1200
LB191 Halloran MO964 Recommit to Business and Labor Committee filed 1200
LB191 Halloran MO965 Indefinitely postpone pursuant to Rule 6, Section 3(f) filed 1200
LB191 Halloran MO966 Bracket until June 9, 2023 filed 1201
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. MO967 Reconsider vote on MO352 filed 1201
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. MO967 failed 1201
LB254A Date of introduction 1201
LB254A Placed on General File 1201
LB191 MO351 pending 1202
LB191 Cavanaugh, M. AM1404 filed 1202
LB191 McDonnell AM1411 filed 1204