Journal Summary for May 11th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 81

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Document Description Journal Page
LB632 Placed on Select File with ER89 1513
LB632 Enrollment and Review ER89 filed 1513
LB512A Returned to Select File for specific amendment 1514
LB512A Groene AM1393 adopted 1514
LB415A Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment 1514
LB512A Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Reengrossment 1514
LB335 Passed on Final Reading with Emergency Clause 42-0-7 1515
LB335 President/Speaker signed 1515
LB651 Chambers MO138 Bracket until May 25, 2017 filed 1516
LB651 Chambers MO138 failed 1516
LB644 Bolz AM1390 filed 1517
LB335 Presented to Governor on May 11, 2017 1517
LB415A Placed on Final Reading 1517
LB512A Placed on Final Reading Second 1517
LB296 Larson FA78 filed 1519
LB72 Schumacher AM1360 filed 1519
LB296 Larson FA76 filed 1519
LB296 Larson FA77 filed 1519
LB651 Chambers MO139 Reconsider the vote to bracket filed 1520
LB651 Chambers MO139 pending 1520
LB651 Vargas AM1388 filed 1520