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LB496 - Change and provide requirements for redevelopment projects under the Community Development Law

Stage: Select File
Motion/Amendment: AM 1378 Williams - AM 1413 Friesen - MO 148 Stinner - CLOTURE
Vote Totals:  Yes: 32   No: 9   Present - Not Voting: 7   Excused - Not Voting: 1   Absent - Not Voting: 0  
Albrecht Present - Not Voting Kolterman Yes
Baker Yes Krist Yes
Blood Yes Kuehn No
Bolz Yes Larson Yes
Bostelman Present - Not Voting Lindstrom Excused - Not Voting
Brasch No Linehan Present - Not Voting
Brewer No Lowe No
Briese Yes McCollister Yes
Chambers No McDonnell Yes
Clements Present - Not Voting Morfeld Yes
Craighead Yes Murante Present - Not Voting
Crawford Yes Pansing Brooks Yes
Ebke Yes Quick Yes
Erdman No Riepe Yes
Friesen No Scheer Yes
Geist Yes Schumacher Present - Not Voting
Groene No Smith Yes
Halloran Present - Not Voting Stinner Yes
Hansen Yes Vargas Yes
Harr Yes Walz Yes
Hilgers No Watermeier Yes
Hilkemann Yes Wayne Yes
Howard Yes Williams Yes
Hughes Yes Wishart Yes
Kolowski Yes