Recorded Vote

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LB45 - Change provisions relating to Military Honor Plates
Stage: General File
Motion/Amendment: ADVANCE TO E&R INITIAL
Vote Totals:
  • Yes: 40
  • No: 0
  • Present - Not Voting: 7
  • Excused - Not Voting: 2
  • Absent - Not Voting: 0
Individual Votes
Albrecht Yes Kolterman Yes
Baker Yes Krist Present - Not Voting
Blood Yes Kuehn Excused - Not Voting
Bolz Yes Larson Yes
Bostelman Yes Lindstrom Yes
Brasch Yes Linehan Yes
Brewer Yes Lowe Yes
Briese Yes McCollister Yes
Chambers Yes McDonnell Yes
Craighead Yes Morfeld Yes
Crawford Yes Murante Present - Not Voting
Ebke Yes Pansing Brooks Yes
Erdman Yes Quick Yes
Friesen Yes Riepe Yes
Geist Yes Scheer Present - Not Voting
Groene Yes Schumacher Yes
Halloran Present - Not Voting Smith Yes
Hansen Yes Stinner Yes
Harr Excused - Not Voting Vargas Yes
Hilgers Yes Walz Yes
Hilkemann Present - Not Voting Watermeier Yes
Howard Yes Wayne Present - Not Voting
Hughes Yes Williams Yes
Kintner Present - Not Voting Wishart Yes
Kolowski Yes