Proposed Amendment Details - LB91
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
AM926 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Amendments pending 859
AM1082 Hansen, B. Amendments to Standing Committee Amendments pending 914
AM1081 Hansen, B. Select File pending 914
AM1080 Hansen, B. Final Reading pending 914
MO177 Cavanaugh, M. Indefinitely postpone pursuant to Rule 6 Section 3(f) pending 914
MO178 Cavanaugh, M. Recommit pending 914
MO179 Cavanaugh, M. Bracket pending 915
MO180 Cavanaugh, M. Select File Indefinitely Postpone pending 915
MO181 Cavanaugh, M. Select File Recommit pending 914
MO182 Cavanaugh, M. Select File Bracket pending 915
MO183 Cavanaugh, M. Final Reading Recommit pending 915
MO184 Hansen, B. Bracket pending 915
MO185 Hansen, B. Recommit pending 915
MO186 Hansen, B. Indefinitely Postpone pending 915