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Considered Amendment Details - LB811
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
FA324 Lathrop Withdraw withdrawn 1442
AM2862 Chambers Withdraw withdrawn 1482
AM2877 Lathrop Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1523
FA348 Chambers Amendments to AM2877 lost 1525
MO194 Schilz Cloture prevailed 1525
FA347 Chambers Amendments to AM2877 lost 1523
FA323 Lathrop withdrawn 1442
AM2648 Watermeier Amendments to Committee amendments withdrawn 1270
AM2567 Gloor Select File amendment adopted 1102
FA354 Chambers Amendments to AM2567 adopted 1520
FA356 Chambers Amendments to AM2567 withdrawn 1520
MO192 Chambers Bracket withdrawn 1520
ER227 Enrollment and Review adopted 1234
AM2400 Judiciary adopted 929