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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB468 Chambers Withdrawn Provide duties to the Nebraska Investment Council regarding Sudan-related investments
LR234 Chambers Retrocede jurisdiction over the Omaha Indian Reservation
LR214 Chambers Express support of all efforts to learn from DNA exonerations
LR73 Chambers Encourage Congress to enact the "Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Prevention, Education, and Research Act of 2007"
LB469 Chambers Passed Change funding restrictions under the Nebraska Health Care Funding Act
LB467A Chambers Passed Appropriations bill
LB467 Chambers Passed Grant the Ombudsman authority with respect to county and municipal jails and mental health and veterans institutions and provide for appointment of an assistant public counsel
LB465 Chambers Passed Change provisions relating to jailhouse informants
LB1063 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Change a penalty from death to life imprisonment without possibility of parole
LB929 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Prohibit hunting, trapping, and fishing and provide penalties
LB476 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Change penalty from death to life imprisonment without possibility of parole and provide for restitution
LB475A Chambers Indefinitely postponed Appropriations bill
LB475 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation or marital status
LB474 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Provide for certain misconduct by school teachers, school nurses, and police officers to be a public record
LB473 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to learning communities and Class V school district elections
LB466 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Provide for private party In Transit stickers
LB472 Chambers Final Reading Change statutory references to members of the Commission of Industrial Relations
LB471 Chambers Final Reading Authorize regulation of mixed martial arts by the State Athletic Commissioner
LB470A Chambers Final Reading Appropriations bill
LB470 Chambers Final Reading Change provisions relating to dissemination of records of arrest
LB464 Chambers Final Reading Change enforcement provisions relating to the Campaign Finance Limitation Act and Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act