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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB169 Hadley Indefinitely postponed State intent relating to appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services for the medical assistance program
LB357 Hadley Indefinitely postponed Change the cigarette tax collection commission
LB419 Hadley Indefinitely postponed Eliminate limits on tax credits under the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act
LB420 Hadley E and R Engrossing Change a sales tax exemption relating to nonprofit organizations
LB520 Hadley Indefinitely postponed Provide for an income tax credit for perpetual conservation easement donations
LB701 Hadley Passed Change distribution of ICF/MR Reimbursement Protection Fund
LB918 Hadley Passed Redefine certain terms and provide certain tax incentives under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB918A Hadley Passed Appropriation Bill
LB946 Hadley Withdrawn Provide for court-ordered postsecondary education subsidy orders
LR11 Hadley Congratulate the University of Nebraska at Kearney volleyball team for its exemplary regular season
LR12 Hadley Congratulate the University of Nebraska at Kearney football team for an outstanding season
LR19 Hadley Congratulate Eric S. Warren and Daniel K. Gibbs for earning the rank of Eagle Scout
LR246 Hadley Congratulate the Kearney High School boys' track team for winning the 2009 Class A state championship
LR282 Hadley Congratulate Dr. Richard Miller for his outstanding achievements in the field of higher education
LR343 Hadley Congratulate Matthew Stubbs for earning the rank of Eagle Scout