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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB340 Cook Passed Require the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education to facilitate a study of the Nebraska community college system
LB341 Cook Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to tuberculosis detection and prevention
LB360 Cook Passed Authorize creation of a land reutilization authority by a city of the metropolitan class
LB1034 Cook Indefinitely postponed Define tuition and fees for purposes of the Community College Foundation and Equalization Aid Act
LB1035 Cook Indefinitely postponed Provide powers for counties, cities, and villages to control and abate public health nuisances
LR248 Cook Designate the week of September 6 through 12, 2009, as Information and Referral Services Week
LR255 Cook Designate July 29, 2009, through August 3, 2009, as "Omaha Days" in Nebraska
LR266 Cook Congratulate Dr. Jerry Fischer for receiving the 2009 Adult Health Volunteer of the Year award and for his service to the State of Nebraska
LR267 Cook Congratulate Connie Rose for being recognized as Volunteer of the Year and for her service to the State of Nebraska
LR324 Cook Interim study to examine the need for public utility ratepayer assistance programs in the state
LR374 Cook Express appreciation to the Newman United Methodist Church of Lincoln and its members for their service to the community
LR375 Cook Welcome those attending the 2010 Midwest Regional Conference of Grand Masters and Masons, Grand Chapters and Eastern Stars
LR407 Cook Congratulate Tyler Faulkner for earning the Girl Scout Gold Award
LR408 Cook Congratulate Kathleen Porter for earning the Girl Scout Gold Award
LR461 Cook Interim study to examine the federal Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to parking accessibility for handicapped or disabled persons
LR549 Cook Extend sympathy to the family of Linda Reall