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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB187 Nelson Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services to fund the Dental Health Director
LB193 Nelson Referral Change funding for the Nebraska Cultural Preservation Endowment Fund
LB231 Nelson General File Establish a uniform reimbursement rate for adult day services
LB307 Nelson Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB374 Nelson Referral Provide for a delinquent child support payment lien on an appearance bond as prescribed
LB379 Nelson Referral Change furlough and reduction of sentence provisions as prescribed
LB564 Nelson Referral Adopt the Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act
LB565 Nelson Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to registering to vote and requesting a ballot for early voting at the same time
LB638 Nelson Referral Provide a cash balance retirement system for school employees
LB639 Nelson Referral Make new judges and state patrol officers members of the state employees retirement system
LB797 Nelson Referral Provide funding for fountains at the State Capitol
LB1043 Nelson General File Exempt certain deeds from the documentary stamp tax
LR30 Nelson Congratulate Juan Chavez for winning the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship