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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB22 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change tax levy authority of educational service units and school districts
LB23 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change membership provisions of the Nebraska Investment Council
LB24 Friend Passed Change provisions relating to work done on radiological instruments by the Military Department
LB25 Friend Indefinitely postponed Provide for licensure of and medicaid payments to children's day health services
LB26 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change the priority of liens for special assessments
LB63 Friend Passed Change provisions and penalties relating to assault, firearms and other weapons, graffiti, gang affiliation, juveniles, bail, jailhouse informers, appeals, violence prevention, prisoner employment, and dating violence policies
LB67 Friend Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Act
LB272 Friend Indefinitely postponed Redefine underground facility for purposes of the one-call notification system
LB320 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change highway funding provisions and motor fuel taxes
LB335 Friend Indefinitely postponed Require electronic employee verification for certain tax incentives
LB336 Friend Indefinitely postponed Exempt municipal water from sales tax
LB337 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change restrictions on advertising and promotional materials relating to the Nebraska educational savings plan trust
LB338 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change weed height requirements for cities and villages
LB339 Friend Passed Change community development authority provisions relating to cities and villages
LB401 Friend Indefinitely postponed Adopt the High Priority Surface Transportation Development Act and the Surface Transportation Revolving Fund Act
LB417 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Optometry Practice Act
LB457 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to certified nurse midwives
LB460 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change a sales tax exemption for nonprofit hospitals
LB495 Friend Passed Change provisions relating to annexation, additions, and control of weeds by cities and villages
LB524 Friend Passed Increase fines for handicapped parking infractions
LB525 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change tax levy and economic development programs of cities and villages
LB526 Friend Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for land annexation by certain cities and villages
LB658 Friend Passed Provide for infrastructure system replacement cost recovery by certain natural gas public utilities
LR1CA Friend Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to reduce the maximum number of legislative days in a regular legislative session
LR5CA Friend Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three consecutive terms
LR165 Friend Interim study to examine issues relating to the adoption of a corporate and individual income tax credit scholarship program
LR202 Friend Interim study to investigate the full range of powers granted to municipalities which involve jurisdiction over residents in areas outside of municipal boundaries
LR203 Friend Interim study to examine the cost-effectiveness of upgrading the Nebraska Energy Code for new commercial construction
LR205 Friend Interim study to review the status of current state law regarding the various building and construction codes currently in use by cities and villages
LR216 Friend Interim study to identify the range of occupations taxes which are currently levied by cities and villages in Nebraska