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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB274 Sen Holdcroft Referral Provide for persons with disabled veterans license plates to park in handicapped parking spaces
LB457 Sen Holdcroft Referral Require video surveillance of voting and provide requirements for paper ballots, vote scanning devices, and vote tabulating equipment
LB480 Sen Holdcroft Referral Change medical lien provisions
LB580 Sen Holdcroft General File Change provisions relating to agricultural or horticultural land receiving special valuation
LB590 Sen Holdcroft General File Change the personal needs allowance for eligible aged, blind, and disabled persons
LB730 Sen Holdcroft Referral Adopt the Fair Access to Financial Services Act
LB769 Sen Holdcroft General File Authorize use of the Critical Infrastructure Facilities Cash Fund to develop a sewer system
LR15 Sen Holdcroft Adopted Congratulate the Gretna High School football team on being the runner-up in the 2022 state championship game