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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB9 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Set district boundaries of the Representatives in the Congress of the United States
LB10 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Set boundaries of legislative districts
LB179 Linehan Referral Transition from elected to appointed county assessors
LB180 Linehan Passed Change provisions relating to certain public statements of the Tax Commissioner and certain estimates of General Fund net receipts
LB181 Linehan Passed Change provisions regarding tax credits for school district taxes paid
LB182 Linehan Referral Exclude certain income from the definition of gross receipts
LB214 Linehan General File Define certain terms for purposes of property taxes
LB261 Linehan Passed Change provisions regarding grave markers for certain veterans
LB350 Linehan Referral Change provisions relating to distribution of sales tax revenue to the Game and Parks Commission Capital Maintenance Fund
LB351 Linehan Passed Change provisions relating to quality scale ratings under the Step Up to Quality Child Care Act
LB364 Linehan General File Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits
LB410 Linehan Referral Change provisions relating to itemized deductions
LB432A Linehan Passed Appropriation Bill
LB466 Linehan Passed Require the proration of property taxes when residential real property is sold
LB674 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the allocation and use of credits under the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act
LB675 Linehan Referral Adopt the Education Lobbyist Pay Transparency Act
LB676 Linehan Referral Redefine a term relating to cigarette taxes
LB677 Linehan Referral Change provisions relating to eligibility for transitional child care assistance
LB678 Linehan Withdrawn Adopt the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Regulation Act
LB679 Linehan Referral Require the Tax Commissioner to collect lodging taxes as prescribed
LB680 Linehan Referral Change the corporate income tax rate
LB681 Linehan Indefinitely postponed Include elementary and secondary schools in the Nebraska educational savings plan trust and change tax benefits
LB682 Linehan Passed Change the New Markets Job Growth Investment Act
LB817 Linehan Referral Change the ImagiNE Nebraska Act and certain tax reporting requirements
LB818 Linehan Referral Change authorized uses of state assistance and certain limitations under the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act
LB819 Linehan Referral Eliminate provisions relating to a tax study
LB938 Linehan Referral Change corporate income tax rates
LB939 Linehan Referral Change individual income tax rates
LB945 Linehan Referral Adopt the Teach in Nebraska Today Act, provide for student loan repayment assistance, and appropriate General Funds
LB995 Linehan Referral Limit the total amount reimbursed by the state for homestead exemptions
LR22CA Linehan Referral Constitutional amendment to limit the total amount of property tax revenue that may be raised by political subdivisions
LR63 Linehan Adopted Congratulate the Elkhorn North High School girls' basketball team on winning the 2021 Class B state championship
LR227 Linehan Referral Interim study to examine learning communities and learning community coordinating councils