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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB50 Sen Geist Referral Change criminal justice provisions including set-asides, restitution, and parole; create criminal justice pilot programs; terminate an oversight committee; and create a task force
LB76 Sen Geist Referral Provide access to certain information relating to probationers, juveniles, and parolees to law enforcement agencies
LB136 Sen Geist Select File Change provisions relating to the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act, the Motor Vehicle Registration Act, and the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act
LB137 Sen Geist Referral Provide for a penalty enhancement for a controlled substances violation resulting in serious bodily injury or death
LB138 Sen Geist Select File Adopt updates to federal law relating to motor vehicles and motor carriers, change provisions of the Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act, and change civil penalties as prescribed
LB165 Sen Geist Referral Include elementary and secondary schools in the Nebraska educational savings plan trust and change tax benefits
LB412 Sen Geist Referral Provide powers for the Public Service Commission under the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act
LB435 Sen Geist Referral Provide for court appointed parental advisers
LB436 Sen Geist General File Change provisions relating to controlled substances schedules under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LB471 Sen Geist Referral Rename and change provisions of the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act to include provisions relating to registered interior designers and to create a voluntary registry for interior designers
LB472 Sen Geist Referral Change provisions relating to admissibility of evidence of use of an occupant protection system or a three-point safety belt system
LB473 Sen Geist Referral Create a grant program to operate a safe and secure treatment center for youth