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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB50 Vargas Referral Change individual income tax brackets and rates
LB51 Vargas Referral Change license applications, prohibited acts, and franchise restrictions under the Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act
LB292 Vargas Referral Appropriate funds to the State Department of Education
LB310 Vargas Referral Change procedures for tax credits under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act
LB369 Vargas Referral Require jails, law enforcement agencies, and the Nebraska State Patrol to provide public notice before entering into agreements to enforce federal immigration law and to allow audits of noncomplying entities
LB467 Vargas Introduction Prohibit consideration of certain factors in redistricting
LB477 Vargas Introduction Provide an income tax exemption for Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards
LB478 Vargas Introduction Prohibit use of consent by a minor as a defense or mitigation of damages or liability in certain civil actions arising from sexual assaults