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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB57 Morfeld Passed Prohibit regulation of short-term rentals and provide for taxation agreements
LB58 Morfeld General File Adopt the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act
LB206 Morfeld Select File Protect free speech rights of student journalists and student media advisers
LB207 Morfeld Referral Create a Death Penalty Defense Standards Advisory Council
LB271 Morfeld Referral Change provisions relating to releases, covenants not to sue, or similar agreements on joint and several liability
LB272 Morfeld Referral Adopt the Apprenticeship Training Program Tax Credit Act
LB350 Morfeld Referral Provide a budget exception for expanded learning opportunity programs
LB351 Morfeld Referral Provide for school district levy and bonding authority for cybersecurity and violence prevention
LB352 Morfeld Passed Provide requirements relating to the use of jailhouse informants
LB499 Morfeld Referral Provide requirements for services by psychologists
LB500 Morfeld Referral Prohibit participation in pretrial diversion programs for certain driving under the influence and driver's license offenses
LB514 Morfeld Passed Change bad check provisions to include obtaining child support credit and spousal support credit
LB567 Morfeld Referral Adopt the Prescription Drug Cost Transparency Act
LB568 Morfeld Referral Provide for mental health first aid training for school districts and change provisions relating to the use of lottery funds
LB569 Morfeld Referral Adopt the Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, and Accountability Act
LB630 Morfeld Passed Change provisions relating to unlawful intrusion, sexually explicit conduct, theft, extortion, intimidation by telephone call or electronic communication, and the Sex Offender Registration Act
LB631 Morfeld Referral Create the Medicaid Expansion Implementation Task Force
LB815 Morfeld Referral Prohibit certain section 1115 waivers under the Medical Assistance Act
LB895 Morfeld Referral Change provisions related to decedents' estates
LB934 Morfeld Referral Change provisions relating to the practice of law and admission to the Nebraska bar
LB979 Morfeld Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Transportation
LB997 Morfeld Passed Adopt the Out-of-Network Emergency Medical Care Act
LB1036 Morfeld Referral Allow persons eighteen years of age to make health care decisions and persons under nineteen years of age in correctional facilities to consent to medical and mental health care
LB1081 Morfeld Referral Change provisions on postconviction relief
LB1082 Morfeld Referral Increase the indigent defense court filing fee
LB1083 Morfeld General File Change provisions relating to the Meadowlark Program
LB1116 Morfeld Referral Adopt the New School Construction and Water Access Act
LB1195 Morfeld Referral Change provisions regarding access to public records
LB1196 Morfeld Referral Adopt the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Regulation Act and require an audit under the Medical Assistance Act
LB1197 Morfeld Referral Change distribution of legislative journals and session laws to the UNL College of Law
LR170 Morfeld Referral Interim study to examine the Dept. of Health and Human Services' plan to submit a demonstration project waiver for the medical assistance program under section 1115 of the Social Security Act
LR171 Morfeld Referral Interim study to examine the impact of lowering the age of majority from 19 years of age to 18 years of age for making health care decisions
LR224 Morfeld Referral Interim study to examine the civil legal service needs of low-income residents
LR352 Morfeld Referral Interim study to explore the enforcement of the ordinances and codes of cities of the second class and villages to promote public welfare and economic development
LR404 Morfeld Referral Interim study to provide continued oversight of and updates regarding the execution and administration of medicaid expansion by the Dept. of Health and Human Services