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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LR34 Hilkemann Recognize March 2019 as Problem Gambling Awareness Month in Nebraska
LB716 Hilkemann Referral Create the Medicaid Cost and Quality Data and Analysis Center of Nebraska
LB715 Hilkemann Withdrawn Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska for a medicaid research center
LB673 Hilkemann Referral Change Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund provisions and state intent relating to an appropriation for data collection and analysis on antimicrobial resistant bacteria
LB635 Hilkemann Referral Change membership of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB634 Hilkemann Referral Require three-point safety belt systems for school vehicles as prescribed
LB580 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions relating to landfill disposal fees and rebates under the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act
LB558 Hilkemann Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB528 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions relating to use of pharmaceutical agents and use of certain treatments and procedures by optometrists
LB425 Hilkemann Referral Appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
LB402 Hilkemann Referral Eliminate an eligibility provision relating to nutrition assistance benefits as prescribed
LB42 Hilkemann Passed Provide certain responsibilities and a duty under the Condominium Property Act and a duty under the Nebraska Condominium Act
LB41 Hilkemann General File Change provisions relating to transfers and uses of certain gaming taxes
LB40 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions related to provisional operator's permits, LPD and LPE learner's permits, and interactive wireless communication devices
LB39 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions relating to occupant protection system enforcement and change certain violations from secondary to primary enforcement
LB38 Hilkemann Referral Provide for one license plate and In Transit decal per vehicle
LB37 Hilkemann Referral Change the Podiatry Practice Act to authorize a physician assistant to assist a podiatrist