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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB53 Scheer Referral Change and provide duties for landowners or their tenants relating to removal of a blockage or obstruction in a watercourse and provide for court costs and attorney's fees
LB356 Scheer Passed Change certain license plate fee distributions, create new license plates, and provide for the discontinuance of certain plates as prescribed
LB411 Scheer Passed Name, change, and transfer provisions relating to the county civil service commission and change provisions relating to metropolitan utilities districts, county boards, elections, and political accountability and disclosure
LR10 Scheer Recognize the hard work of school board members across the state
LR17 Scheer Recognize the thirty-sixth anniversary of Nebraska's sister-state relationship with Taiwan
LR27 Scheer Congratulate Jennifer and Ray O'Connor for receiving the Distinguished NEBRASKAlander Award
LR28 Scheer Congratulate Ernie Weyeneth for receiving the Distinguished NEBRASKAlander Award
LR29 Scheer Congratulate Dr. Sara Brandes Crook for receiving the Distinguished NEBRASKAlander Award
LR47 Scheer Congratulate Nathan Lidgett on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR48 Scheer Congratulate Christopher Lidgett on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR64 Scheer Celebrate the sister-state relationships with Guizhou and Shaanxi provinces in China
LR90 Scheer Recognize the 150th anniversary of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
LR101 Scheer Congratulate Norfolk High School for receiving a 2018 NebraskARTS award
LR120 Scheer Congratulate Teresa McDermott on her distinguished career in education and on her retirement