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LB43 Bolz Referral Adopt the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Act
LB108 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to placement of Department of Correctional Services inmates in county jails
LB109 Bolz General File Require the position classification plan and salary or pay plan for state employees to include certain positions
LB174 Bolz Referral State intent relating to appropriations for the Office of Violence Prevention
LB180 Bolz Passed Change program eligibility criteria under the Community College Gap Assistance Program Act
LB181 Bolz Referral Require a report from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature regarding long-term care sustainability
LB182 Bolz Referral Adopt the School District Local Option Income Surtax Act
LB241 Bolz Referral Provide for teacher mentoring program grants using income from solar and wind agreements on school lands
LB247 Bolz Referral Adopt the Advance Mental Health Care Directives Act
LB267 Bolz General File Provide a duty for the county board relating to deficient bridges and authorize a tax levy
LB313 Bolz Referral Provide the office of Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System with oversight authority over regional centers
LB327 Bolz Referral State intent to appropriate funds for an increase in rates paid to behavioral health service providers
LB328 Bolz Referral Adopt the Nebraska Family First Act, provide for non-court-involved response to reports of child abuse or neglect, and provide for a family finding project
LB329 Bolz General File Change provisions relating to child care assistance and licensure
LB330 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Change the administration, duties, membership, purpose, and reports of the Nebraska Children's Commission
LB331 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to the Board of Parole, the Department of Correctional Services, and the Office of Probation Administration
LB332 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Change eligibility requirements and other provisions of the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Act
LB419 Bolz Referral Change the Nebraska Advantage Act and create a fund and grant program
LB420 Bolz Referral Adopt the Property Tax Circuit Breaker Act
LB481 Bolz Passed Adopt the Brain Injury Trust Fund Act and change provisions related to the Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund
LB527 Bolz General File Adopt the Customized Job Training Act
LB563 Bolz Referral Adopt the Access College Early Tech Promise Program Act
LB564 Bolz Passed Change the Civic and Community Center Financing Act
LB565 Bolz Referral State legislative intent relating to a designated beneficiary determination under certain retirement systems
LB813 Bolz Referral State intent regarding appropriations for apprenticeships and provide powers for the Department of Labor
LB885 Bolz Referral Change requirements for grant applications under the Civic and Community Center Financing Act
LB904 Bolz Withdrawn Provide for use of the Water Sustainability Fund for sustainable use of water in food production and transfer General Funds
LB949 Bolz Referral Limit the amount an insured individual pays for prescription insulin drugs
LB951 Bolz Referral Change elements of claims under the Nebraska Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment Act
LB976 Bolz Referral Redefine handicapped or disabled person for purposes of handicapped or disabled parking permits
LB977 Bolz Referral Change provisions relating to the case management lead agency model pilot project
LB1025 Bolz Introduction Create the Tax Credit Buy-Back Program
LB1026 Bolz Introduction Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska
LB1049 Bolz Introduction Provide for participation in federal Child Care Subsidy child care assistance as prescribed
LR19 Bolz Congratulate and thank Susanne Blue for twenty years of service to the community
LR36 Bolz Recognize March 2019 as Social Work Month in Nebraska
LR40 Bolz Congratulate Matthew Texel on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR62 Bolz Extend appreciation to Tom Casady for his 45 year career in public service
LR109 Bolz Recognize David P. Newell for his leadership and his service to children and families in Nebraska
LR110 Bolz Congratulate and thank Brigadier Wendy K. Johnson for her leadership and service to the state and the country
LR192 Bolz Referral Interim study to examine workforce development initiatives with emphasis on hearing the perspectives of employees across industries
LR193 Bolz Referral Interim study to assess implementation of the federal Family First Prevention Services Act in Nebraska and identify opportunities for children and families
LR209 Bolz Referral Interim study to examine state and federal funding options for existing and potential research by the University of Nebraska on local, state, and global water management systems
LR234 Bolz Referral Interim study to track rate increases appropriated for behavioral health providers to ensure that legislative intent is followed and the rate increases are funded
LR245 Bolz Referral Interim study to examine advance planning for mental health care, which is distinct from advance planning for end-of-life care
LR268 Bolz Congratulate the Lincoln Southeast High School girls' tennis team on winning the 2019 Class A state championship
LR269 Bolz Congratulate Skyler Peterson for his win at the 2019 Class A state track and field championship