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LB259 Hansen Passed Adopt and change competency and financial ability provisions relating to court proceedings as prescribed
LB255 Crawford Passed Adopt the Dialysis Patient Care Technician Registration Act
LB286 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Flexible Loan Act and change provisions of the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act
LB261 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
LB295 Smith Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits
LB291 Larson Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Special Economic Impact Zone Act and change the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority Act and the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 as prescribed
LB256 Briese Passed Adopt the Vacant Property Registration Act
LB248 Harr Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Youth Opportunities in Learning and Occupations Act
LB242 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for the recruitment of students who study to become behavioral health professionals
LB281 Quick Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Nebraska State Historical Society
LB270 Kolowski Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the State Department of Education
LB231 Kolterman Passed Authorize disciplinary action under the Insurance Producers Licensing Act for failing to maintain a license in good standing
LB253 Crawford Passed Authorize intergovernmental service agreements under the County Industrial Sewer Construction Act and authorize a use for a sewer tax levy
LB292 Larson Indefinitely postponed Authorize series limited liability companies under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
LB271 Hilgers Passed Authorize the Department of Roads to assume certain responsibilities under federal environmental laws and provide for limited waiver of the state's sovereign immunity
LB283 Riepe Indefinitely postponed Change and eliminate provisions relating to licensed practical nurses
LB289 Pansing Brooks Passed Change and provide provisions relating to sex offenses and domestic violence protection orders, provide for sexual assault protection orders, and change provisions relating to paternity of a child conceived as a result of sexual assault
LB268 Schumacher Passed Change court and other provisions relating to medical assistance reimbursement
LB284 Riepe Indefinitely postponed Change criminal history record information checks under the Child Care Licensing Act
LB237 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Change filing requirements of official bonds for school districts
LB296 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Change immunity provisions with respect to asthma and allergic reactions
LB252 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting
LB277 Wayne Indefinitely postponed Change population requirements for election precincts
LB272 Vargas Indefinitely postponed Change procedures for tax credits under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act
LB238 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Nebraska Budget Act relating to certifying taxable values
LB274 Halloran Passed Change provisions of the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act and eliminate the Nebraska Rangeland Grasshopper Control Act
LB276 Albrecht Passed Change provisions relating to hybrid seed corn and provide enforcement powers and judicial remedies
LB254 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to making and serving alcoholic liquor by nonlicensed persons as prescribed
LB244 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to mental injury and mental illness for workers' compensation
LB263 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Passed Change provisions relating to motor vehicles, the Public Service Commission, motor carriers, and the statewide one-call notification center
LB267 Linehan Passed Change provisions relating to onsite vaccinations at health care facilities
LB250 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to probationers' rights
LB264 Albrecht Passed Change provisions relating to qualifications of boiler inspectors
LB288 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to service of notice when applying for a tax deed and the laws governing tax sale certificates
LB280 Crawford Passed Change provisions relating to the Address Confidentiality Act
LB236 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the inclusion of multiple lots in one parcel
LB239 Baker Passed Change provisions relating to trust funds under the Burial Pre-Need Sale Act
LB262 Groene Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to undeveloped vacant land under the Community Development Law
LB233 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB282 Riepe Indefinitely postponed Change telehealth provisions relating to children's behavioral health
LB266 Friesen Indefinitely postponed Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land
LB235 Walz Indefinitely postponed Clarify grant requirements for the Summer Food Service Program
LR10 Kuehn Congratulate Lona Kuehn on her 100th birthday
LB297 McCollister Indefinitely postponed Create Children and Juveniles Data Pilot Project
LB249 Harr Indefinitely postponed Expand business inventory property tax exemption
LB293 Larson Indefinitely postponed Include U-47700 as a Schedule I controlled substance under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LR11 Riepe Referral Interim study to assess the Nebraska medical assistance program and the options for health care reform for Nebraska
LB246 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Provide a budget exception for expanded learning opportunity programs
LB241 Craighead Passed Provide an exception to the annual privacy notice requirement under the Privacy of Insurance Consumer Information Act
LB232 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Provide a property tax exemption for property leased to the state or a governmental subdivision
LB275 Hughes Passed Provide duties for law enforcement agencies and private towing services and rights and duties for private property owners regarding abandoned vehicles
LB287 Wishart Indefinitely postponed Provide duties for the State Child and Maternal Death Review Team
LB245 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Provide for a corrections-related emergency and overtime as prescribed
LB265 Friesen Indefinitely postponed Provide for a minimum amount of state aid based on the number of students in a local system
LB294 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide for a reciprocity agreement with a foreign country for mutual recognition of motor vehicle operator licenses
LB260 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Provide for a state food insecurity nutrition incentive grant program and state intent regarding appropriations
LB257 Craighead Passed Provide for a statute of limitations for claims relating to real estate brokerage services
LB247 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Provide for school district levy and bonding authority for cybersecurity
LB240 Baker Indefinitely postponed Provide for videoconferencing and telephone conferences for school board meetings
LB290 Vargas Indefinitely postponed Provide for voter registration upon application for driver's license, state identification card, or certain benefits
LB258 Hansen Passed Provide opportunity for inmates to obtain state identification card or renew driver's license before discharge
LB251 Harr Indefinitely postponed Redefine agricultural or horticultural purposes for revenue and taxation purposes
LB278 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Redefine disability and change disability retirement application and medical examination provisions for various retirement acts
LB285 Linehan Passed Require human immunodeficiency virus testing and eliminate consent requirements for such testing
LB279 Hilkemann Indefinitely postponed Require lap-shoulder belts on school buses as prescribed
LB269 Watermeier Indefinitely postponed Require motion picture theaters to provide open captioning
LB243 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Require reporting of certain information concerning assaults that occur in state institutions
LB273 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Require rounding a certain dollar amount in the Employment Security Law to the nearest whole dollar amount
LB234 Smith Passed Update references to the Internal Revenue Code