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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB173A Chambers Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB525A Sullivan Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB598A Schumacher Passed Appropriation Bill
LB605A Mello Passed Appropriation Bill
LB629A Mello Passed Appropriation Bill
LR251 Scheer Congratulate the Norfolk Veterans' Home on its fourth straight deficiency-free survey from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
LR252 Judiciary Committee Referral Interim study to examine court costs and fees in Nebraska
LR253 Kolterman Congratulate the Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center on its deficiency-free survey from the Department of Health and Human Services
LR254 Coash Referral Interim study to examine public charitable corporations in Nebraska
LR255 Sullivan Referral Interim study to investigate issues under the jurisdiction of the Education Committee
LR256 Mello Referral Interim study to examine the history and development of the Peter Kiewit Institute to include the University of Nebraska-Omaha College of Information Science and Technology and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering
LR257 Kuehn Referral Interim study to examine how to create a sustainable and adequate stream of state funds to local public health departments to ensure the departments are able to meet their core responsibilities and functions
LR258 Johnson Referral Interim study to determine whether the Real Property Appraiser Act should be amended
LR259 Mello Referral Interim study to examine Nebraska's current programming regarding home visitation for early childhood education and development and assess the feasibility of expansion to universal statewide programming
LR260 Mello Referral Interim study to examine feasibility of developing tax-preferential zones on college and university campuses for the strategic development of new start-up businesses and expanding the commercialization of joint public/private research ventures
LR261 Mello Referral Interim study to examine implementing the use of body cameras for state and local law enforcement in Nebraska
LR262 Bolz Referral Interim study to examine creation of a separate program within the budget of the Dept. of Health and Human Services for long-term care expenditures made from all funding sources
LR263 Harr Referral Interim study to examine possible changes to the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act
LR264 Hughes Commend Carli Schultz for her courageous service to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal
LR265 Davis Referral Interim study to examine minor traffic violation, adult, and juvenile pretrial diversion programs authorized by counties and municipalities