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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB66A Cornett Passed Appropriation Bill
LB968 Speaker Flood Passed Provide for deficit appropriations
LB969 Speaker Flood Passed Provide for fund transfers and change provisions relating to various funds
LB970 Cornett Passed Change income tax rates, brackets, and determinations
LB971 Harms Indefinitely postponed Merge the Department of Labor into the Department of Economic Development
LB972 Ashford Passed Change provisions relating to youth rehabilitation and treatment centers
LB973 Coash Indefinitely postponed Provide for the use of retirement benefits to pay civil damages
LB974 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Change the income tax rate
LB975 Smith Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Fair Bidding Act
LB976 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Exempt social security benefits from state income taxation
LB977 Mello Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Property Tax Relief Act
LB978 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Prohibit sales of alcohol or beer for consumption off the premises at less than cost
LB979 Lambert Passed Change licensure provisions under the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act
LB980 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to an adjustment to income for certain capital gains and extraordinary dividends
LB981 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for renovation of certain living units at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center-Kearney
LB982 Harr Indefinitely postponed Provide for the removal of improper or fraudulent liens
LB983 Cornett Passed Change provisions relating to a research tax credit
LB984 Krist Indefinitely postponed Increase requirements for uninsured and underinsured motor vehicle liability coverage
LB985 Krist Passed Provide for a juvenile justice pilot program
LB986 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Exempt repair or replacement parts for commercial agricultural machinery and equipment from sales and use tax
LB987 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Create the Liquor Control Enforcement Division within the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB988 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide a rate of payment for certain medical services in emergency protective custody situations
LB989 Haar Indefinitely postponed Allow exceptions to property tax levy limitations and school district budget authority for 21st Century Community Learning Centers
LB990 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change flag display provisions for schools and require recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance
LB991 Krist Indefinitely postponed Provide for a study relating to countywide school districts
LB992 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Prohibit the presence of minors on premises of certain liquor licensees and provide a penalty
LB993 Ashford Passed Change provisions relating to child abuse and neglect teams and child advocacy centers
LB994 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Create the State Colleges Sport Facilities Cash Fund and provide for transfers to the fund
LB995 Heidemann Passed Change provisions relating to county medical facilities and public hospitals
LR374 Heidemann Congratulate the Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department on its 100th anniversary