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LR148 Wightman Interim study to evaluate the State of Nebraska's wellness program and provide policy options
LR149 Wightman Interim study to examine how school finance data is reported to the public and what type of information would assist the Legislature in evaluating the cost effectiveness of state aid for K-12 education
LR150 Campbell Interim study to examine the Department of Health and Human Services' plan to contract for delivery of medicaid services using an at-risk capitated managed care model
LR151 Avery Interim study to consider and recommend funding strategies for the improvement of the Centennial Mall area of the Nebraska State Capitol Environs District
LR152 Fischer Interim study to examine Nebraska's highway funding structure and to recommend possible alternatives to the traditional methods
LR153 Janssen Interim study to examine whether Nebraska should repeal statutes that allow persons not lawfully present in the United States to pay resident tuition at Nebraska postsecondary educational institutions
LR154 Janssen Interim study to examine the need for age-appropriate and size-appropriate booster seats on school district vehicles