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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB1043 Aguilar Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Security Services Act
LB1044 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Create and provide duties for the State Fair Future Commission
LB1045 Pankonin Passed Change provisions relating to coverage changes in property and casualty and automobile liability policies
LB1046 Burling Indefinitely postponed Change application limits under the Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act
LB1047 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to reimbursement of travel expenses by the state
LB1048 Nantkes Passed Provide for issuance of birth certificates for stillbirths
LB1049 Erdman Passed Change membership provisions for the Game and Parks Commission
LB1050 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Change the structure of the Game and Parks Commission and provide for an advisory board
LB1051 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Change provisions regarding mowing and tree trimming along county roads
LB1052 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
LB1053 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Create a production incentive for biodiesel production
LB1054 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Create the offense of unlawful sexual intercourse
LB1055 McDonald Passed Change provisions relating to animal abuse, dogs running at large, and dangerous dogs
LB1056 Erdman Passed Adopt the First-Class City Merger Act
LB1057 Howard Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Common Schools Facilities Equalization Aid Act
LB1058 McDonald Passed Rename and change powers and duties of the State Advisory Committee on Problem Gambling and Addiction Services
LB1059 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Change deer hunting provisions and provide for donation of deer to food banks
LB1060 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska for planning and design of a Lincoln Division College of Nursing facility
LR229CA McDonald Delivered to Governor Constitutional amendment to change the powers of municipalities relating to fund sources for economic or industrial development