Nebraska Revised Statute 72-814

Chapter 72 Section 814


Vacant buildings and excess land; committee order; transfer of responsibilities and records; director; powers.

When a building or land is declared vacant or excess by the committee, the committee shall certify to the Director of Administrative Services its determination and order in regard to the building or land. All responsibilities for and records of ownership of the building or land and all records of maintenance of the building or land shall be transferred as soon as possible to the Department of Administrative Services.

If the order includes the sale, lease, or other disposal of any building or land as an appropriate action, the director may execute any quitclaim deed, lease, or other instrument necessary to sell, lease, or dispose of the building or land. The director may reserve, in the best interest of the state, an easement, license, or other interest in the building or land for the state in such sale, lease, or disposal. The director may also trade the building or land for other property needed by the state. The director may, at the expense of the state agency formerly responsible for the building or land, remove or order the agency to remove any movable property not attached to the building or land.


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