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Each senator offers a page where the public can find his or her contact information, committee assignments and news releases. Senators' pages also contain his or her biography, district map, photos and information about bills the senator introduced. Click on a senator's name below to access his or her page or find your senator.

We also offer a print friendly copy of the current senator listing, sorted by both last name and district.

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Speaker Adams, 24 24
Adams, Greg 24
Ashford, Brad 20
Avery, Bill 28
Bloomfield, Dave 17
Bolz, Kate 29
Brasch, Lydia 16
Campbell, Kathy 25
Carlson, Tom 38
Chambers, Ernie 11
Christensen, Mark 44
Coash, Colby 27
Conrad, Danielle 46
Cook, Tanya 13
Crawford, Sue 45
Davis, Al 43
Dubas, Annette 34
Garrett, Tommy 3
Gloor, Mike 35
Haar, Ken 21
Hadley, Galen 37
Hansen, Thomas 42
Harms, John 48
Harr, Burke 8
Howard, Sara 9
Johnson, Jerry 23
Karpisek, Russ 32
Kintner, Bill 2
Kolowski, Rick 31
Krist, Bob 10
Larson, Tyson 40
Lathrop, Steve 12
McCoy, Beau 39
McGill, Amanda 26
Mello, Heath 5
Murante, John 49
Nordquist, Jeremy 7
Pirsch, Pete 4
Scheer, Jim 19
Schilz, Ken 47
Schnoor, David 15
Schumacher, Paul 22
Seat Vacant, 18
Seat Vacant, 6
Seiler, Les 33
Smith, Jim 14
Sullivan, Kate 41
Wallman, Norman 30
Watermeier, Dan 1
Wightman, John 36