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The following publications are available at no charge and can be ordered from the .

Lines of Government: a booklet of maps depicting boundaries for Nebraska's legislative, supreme court and congressional districts, as well as districts for the Public Service Commission, State Board of Education and State Board of Regents

Membership and Committees Card: a reference card listing contact information for senators and the membership of the Legislature's committees

Nebraska Blue Book: The Blue Book is Nebraska's official reference manual, with information about the state's government, geography, economy, history and culture. Bound, printed copies of the 2014-15 Nebraska Blue Book are available for purchase through the Clerk of the Legislature's Office and may be ordered by calling (402) 471-2271. The cost is $15 plus postage and sales tax as applicable.

Poster of Nebraska Senators: a 22x28" color poster featuring contact information and photos of each senator

Public Hearing Testimony in the Nebraska Legislature: a brochure about the committee hearing process, including tips on how to participate. También está disponible en español.

Inside our Nation's Only Unicameral: This color booklet provides information about the history of the Unicameral and the lawmaking process, including photos and information about current state senators. The book also explains student programs offered by the Legislature and provides details about visiting the Capitol.

The Nebraska Unicameral: A Citizen's Legislature: a trifold color brochure summarizing Unicameralism, the legislative process and how to become involved. También está disponible en español.

Unicam Kids: A Student Guide to the Nebraska Legislature: designed for grades 4-6, Unicam Kids contains information about the history and processes of the Nebraska Legislature, including puzzles and quizzes. An answer key is available for teachers.

Unicameral Update: an online news source produced by the Clerk of the Legislature's Office and maintained daily throughout the legislative session. It also is available as a weekly print publication and a weekly e-mail subscription.