Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1103

Chapter 39 Section 1103


Members; term of office.

(1) Within thirty days after September 14, 1953, the Governor shall appoint the initial members of the State Highway Commission who shall hold office for the following periods of time from September 14, 1953: (a) Two members for a period of two years; (b) two members for a period of four years; and (c) three members for a period of six years. One additional member shall be appointed for a term of six years beginning September 14, 1987. Each succeeding member of the commission shall be appointed for a term of six years, except members appointed to fill vacancies whose tenure shall be the unexpired term for which they shall be appointed. If the Legislature is not in session when members of the commission are appointed by the Governor, such members shall take office and act as recess appointees until the next meeting of the Legislature.

(2) Any member serving on the State Highway Commission on August 30, 1987, shall continue to serve until his or her term expires, but in the event the county in which he or she is residing is transferred to a different district upon August 30, 1987, such member shall complete his or her term in the new district in which such county is located pursuant to section 39-1102.


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