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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB6 Krist General File Provide for release of a summarized report by the office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB207 Krist Select File Change provisions relating to powers and duties of the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB210 Watermeier Select File Change provisions relating to performance audit standards and the distribution of reports under the Legislative Performance Audit Act
LB216 Harr Referral Adopt the Redistricting Act
LB230 Watermeier General File Create the Nebraska Economic Development Advisory Committee
LB376 Scheer General File Donate property to the Northeast Community College Area
LB407 Pansing Brooks Select File Create and provide duties for the Whiteclay Public Health Emergency Task Force
LB442 Bolz Referral Create the Medical Assistance Managed Care Organization Oversight Committee
LB445 Chambers Referral Prohibit lobbyist-provided meals and beverages for legislators during session in the State Capitol
LB464 Watermeier General File Change provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act relating to rules and regulations
LB530 Harr Referral Change requirements for providing information to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst and provide for withholding appropriations
LB539 Krist E and R Initial Change the Office of Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System Act
LB646 Pansing Brooks Referral Provide for an extreme weather preparedness task force and strategic action plan
LB648 Pansing Brooks Referral Create the New Machine Age Task Force
LB653 Murante Referral Adopt the Redistricting Act
LR3 Harr Referral Create the Task Force on the Nebraska State Flag
LR46 Larson Referral Provide the Executive Board of the Legislative Council appoint a special committee to develop a climate action plan