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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB40 Hilkemann Indefinitely postponed Prohibit use of an interactive wireless communication device by a school bus operator as prescribed
LB41 Hilkemann Referral Change child passenger restraint system enforcement from a secondary to a primary offense
LB42 Hilkemann Referral Change occupant protection system provisions for children and adopt certain federal safety provisions
LB43 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions relating to surcharges for 911 service
LB45 Watermeier Passed Change provisions relating to Military Honor Plates
LB46 Watermeier Final Reading Provide for Choose Life License Plates
LB54 Schumacher Referral Change provisions relating to unattended motor vehicles
LB55 Schumacher Referral Change a duty of landowners relating to the frequency of mowing roadside weeds
LB70 Pansing Brooks Referral Change provisions relating to operator's license revocation
LB78 Crawford General File Change provisions relating to relinquishment or abandonment of any portion of a state highway system
LB82 Blood Referral Require the Department of Motor Vehicles to include certain traffic stop safety information in the Nebraska Driver's Manual
LB83 Blood General File Allow physician medical directors to display emergency vehicle lights
LB86 Blood General File Eliminate a requirement regarding opening bridge bids
LB114 Craighead Referral Change provisions relating to motor vehicle lighting requirements
LB143 Friesen Referral Provide a duty to carry exception for public power district motor vehicle or trailer registration certificates
LB156 Friesen Referral Eliminate a termination date under the 911 Service System Act
LB157 Friesen General File Change the prepaid wireless surcharge determination and duties of sellers and the Department of Revenue under the Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Act
LB164 Geist General File Change provisions relating to trailers, commercial motor vehicle disqualification provisions, accident reports, and motor vehicle records disclosure and authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep and sell certain registration and certificate of title records
LB177 Bostelman General File Change provisions relating to apportionable and fleet vehicles, motor fuel tax collections and enforcement, and powers and duties of the Director of Motor Vehicles
LB263 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee E and R Initial Change provisions relating to vehicle certificates of title, registration, and license plates and provide for implementation of an electronic dealer services system by the Department of Motor Vehicles
LB271 Hilgers Select File Authorize the Department of Roads to assume certain responsibilities under federal environmental laws and provide for limited waiver of the state's sovereign immunity
LB275 Hughes General File Provide duties for law enforcement officers and rights and duties for private property owners regarding abandoned vehicles
LB279 Hilkemann Referral Require lap-shoulder belts on school buses as prescribed
LB294 Smith Referral Provide for a reciprocity agreement with a foreign country for mutual recognition of motor vehicle operator licenses
LB310 Friesen General File Change provisions relating to bridge carrying capacities and weight limits
LB339 Friesen E and R Initial Merge the Department of Aeronautics into the Department of Roads and rename as the Department of Transportation
LB346 Lowe General File Eliminate the requirement for a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or trailer salesperson license
LB347 Geist General File Change provisions relating to school bus permits and qualifications
LB351 McCollister Referral Change provisions relating to veteran designations on operators' licenses and state identification cards
LB355 Bolz General File Provide for Native American Cultural Awareness and History Plates
LB357 Bolz Referral Increase original certificate of title fees for vehicles transferred to Nebraska from another state and provide for voluntary contributions to brain injury programs
LB368 Lowe General File Change helmet provisions, change passenger age limits, and require eye protection for operators of motorcycles and mopeds
LB389 Friesen Referral Adopt the Small Wireless Facilities Act
LB404 Groene Indefinitely postponed Require a train crew of at least two individuals
LB410 Smith Referral Change boundaries and number of public service commissioner districts and provide for the appointment and election of new commissioners as prescribed
LB418 Briese General File Update certain references to federal regulations regarding motor vehicles and motor carriers
LB419 McCollister Withdrawn Change provisions relating to Military Honor Plates
LB459 Smith Referral Change provisions relating to governance of the statewide one-call notification center and provide for the establishment of best practices
LB460 Smith Referral Change provisions regulating the transportation of clients of the Department of Health and Human Services and other authorized agencies as prescribed
LB471 Kolowski Referral Provide for enforcement of the prohibition against using a handheld wireless communication device as a primary action
LB472 Bostelman General File Change provisions relating to signs and advertising on highways
LB483 Hilgers General File Provide a rules of procedure exemption for the Public Service Commission
LB522 Walz Referral Change Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund provisions
LB523 Walz Referral Change provisions relating to financial assistance from the Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund
LB573 Friesen Referral Change local competition determinations and rate list filing requirements under the Nebraska Telecommunications Regulation Act and provide for a nonregulated activity
LB584 Friesen General File Change provisions relating to mowing of weeds along roads
LB587 Crawford Referral Change provisions relating to school permits
LB612 Wayne Referral Require direct access to 911 emergency service from certain telephone systems using Internet protocol-enabled services
LB618 Wayne General File Change provisions relating to the use of the Transportation Network Company Regulation Cash Fund
LB627 Larson Referral Provide for the operation of autonomous motor vehicles as prescribed
LB629 Larson Referral Exempt certain commercial driver's license holders from hazardous waste endorsement requirements
LB654 Murante Referral Provide jurisdiction under the Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices Act to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission for certain telephone calls and messages as prescribed