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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB233 Smith General File Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB233A Smith General File Appropriation Bill
LB234 Smith E and R Initial Update references to the Internal Revenue Code
LB294 Smith Referral Provide for a reciprocity agreement with a foreign country for mutual recognition of motor vehicle operator licenses
LB295 Smith Referral Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits
LB337 Smith Referral Change income tax rates and provide for deferrals of the rate changes
LB410 Smith Referral Change boundaries and number of public service commissioner districts and provide for the appointment and election of new commissioners as prescribed
LB430 Smith E and R Initial Change powers and duties of the Department of Health and Human Services under the Radiation Control Act
LB459 Smith Referral Change provisions relating to governance of the statewide one-call notification center and provide for the establishment of best practices
LB460 Smith Referral Change provisions regulating the transportation of clients of the Department of Health and Human Services and other authorized agencies as prescribed
LB461 Smith General File Correct references to a federal act in a revenue statute
LB462 Smith Referral Correct provisions relating to the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
LB482 Smith Referral Adopt the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act
LB554 Smith Referral Provide for a financial transparency web site for schools, school districts, and educational service units
LB555 Smith Referral Change and eliminate provisions of the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act