Nebraska Revised Statute 89-188

Chapter 89 Section 188


Director; powers.

When necessary for the enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act or the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the act, the director may:

(1) Enter any commercial premises during normal business hours, except that in the event such premises are not open to the public, the director shall first present his or her credentials and obtain consent before making entry thereto unless a search warrant has previously been obtained;

(2) Issue stop-use, hold, and removal orders with respect to any commercial weighing and measuring device and stop-sale, hold, and removal orders with respect to any commodity kept for sale or sold;

(3) Seize, for use as evidence, without formal warrant, any commercial weighing and measuring device which is not correct or is not approved by the department or commodity found to be used, kept for sale, or sold in violation of the provisions of the act or the rules and regulations;

(4) Stop any commercial vehicle from which commodities are kept for sale, sold, or in the process of delivery on the basis of weight, measure, or count and, after presentment of his or her credentials, inspect the contents, require that the person in charge of that vehicle produce any documents in his or her possession concerning the contents, and require him or her to proceed with the vehicle to a specified place for inspection;

(5) Charge and collect all fees prescribed by the act and the rules or regulations;

(6) Access all books, papers, and other information necessary for the enforcement of the act. If after inspection the director finds or has reason to believe that the requirements set forth in the act are not being met, he or she shall have access to all books, papers, records, bills of lading, invoices, and other pertinent data relating to the use, sale, or representation of any commodity including weighing and measuring devices within this state;

(7) Cooperate with and enter into agreements with any person in order to carry out the purposes of the act;

(8) Inspect weighing and measuring devices which are not required to be registered upon the request of the owner of such devices and seek reimbursement for the actual cost of the inspection;

(9) Establish an authorized laboratory under the National Conference on Weights and Measures, National Type Evaluation Program, and conduct field testing of weighing and measuring devices to determine if such devices meet the requirements in order to issue a Certificate of Conformance. The department shall be reimbursed for the actual cost of such tests by the person seeking such certification; and

(10) Enter into a settlement with any person regarding the disposition of any permit or cease and desist order.