Nebraska Revised Statute 89-187.02

Revised Statutes » Chapter 89 » 89-187.02
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89-187.02. Permit; application; fee.

Application for a permit to operate a weighing and measuring establishment shall be made to the director on forms prescribed and furnished by the department. Such application shall include the full name and mailing address of the applicant; the names and addresses of any partners, members, or corporate officers; the name and address of the person authorized by the applicant to receive notices and orders of the department as provided in the Weights and Measures Act; whether the applicant is an individual, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or other legal entity; the location and type of all commercial weighing and measuring devices; and the signature of the applicant. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's social security number. An application for a permit shall be made prior to the operation of a weighing and measuring establishment. The application shall be accompanied by a one-time permit fee of five dollars and the annual device registration and inspection fees required in section 89-187. The full annual device registration and inspection fees are required regardless of when during the year the device is put into operation.