Nebraska Revised Statute 72-909

Chapter 72 Section 909


Leases; reservation of use of lands for agricultural purposes; conditions.

There shall be reserved, from leases granted pursuant hereto, the right to fully use and enjoy, for agricultural and grazing purposes, the area leased for oil and gas purposes, except such parts thereof as may be necessary for use in the development and operation thereof for oil and gas and in the marketing of production therefrom. The owner of the agricultural and grazing rights, as to lands covered by any oil and gas lease issued hereunder, shall have prior right to the use of water on said premises. The lessee shall pay all damages to growing crops, including grass, caused by operations under such lease, and, after due notice thereof, shall protect the lessor from claims of such nature.


  • Laws 1943, c. 164, § 9, p. 582;
  • R.S.1943, § 72-909.