Nebraska Revised Statute 72-2008

Chapter 72 Section 2008


Niobrara Council; powers and duties; report.

The mission of the Niobrara Council is to assist in all aspects of the management of the Niobrara scenic river corridor since portions of the Niobrara River have been designated as a national scenic river under 16 U.S.C. 1274(a)(117), as such section existed on May 24, 1991, giving consideration and respect to local and governmental input and private landowner rights, and to maintain and protect the integrity of the resources associated with the Niobrara scenic river corridor. The council shall perform management functions related to the Niobrara scenic river corridor, including, but not limited to, those authorized and delegated to it by the National Park Service. The council may promulgate its own rules and internal policies to carry out the purposes of the Niobrara Scenic River Act. The Game and Parks Commission may provide administrative, budgetary, operational, and programmatic support when requested by the council to carry out its duties. In the Niobrara scenic river corridor, the council may hold title to real estate in the name of the council. The council may purchase, accept gifts of, or trade real estate and may obtain conservation easements as provided in the Conservation and Preservation Easements Act. Acquisition of conservation easements outside the boundaries of the Niobrara scenic river corridor shall require the approval of the appropriate governing body as provided in section 76-2,112. On December 1, 2016, and on each December 1 thereafter, the council shall electronically submit an annual report to the Clerk of the Legislature and the chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee of the Legislature describing expenditures made pursuant to the Niobrara Scenic River Act.

Cross References

  • Conservation and Preservation Easements Act, see section 76-2,118.