Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,126

Revised Statutes » Chapter 60 » 60-4,126
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60-4,126. Farm permit; issuance; violations; penalty; not eligible for ignition interlock permit.

(1) Any person who is younger than sixteen years of age but is over thirteen years of age and resides upon a farm in this state or is fourteen years of age or older and is employed for compensation upon a farm in this state may obtain a farm permit authorizing the operation of farm tractors, minitrucks, and other motorized implements of farm husbandry upon the highways of this state if the applicant for such farm permit furnishes satisfactory proof of age and satisfactorily demonstrates that he or she has knowledge of the operation of such equipment and of the rules of the road and laws respecting the operation of motor vehicles upon the highways of this state. Any person under sixteen years of age but not less than thirteen years of age may obtain a temporary permit to operate such equipment for a six-month period after presentation to the department of a request for the temporary permit signed by the person's parent or guardian and payment of the fee and surcharge prescribed in section 60-4,115. After the expiration of the six-month period, it shall be unlawful for such person to operate such equipment upon the highways of this state unless he or she has been issued a farm permit under this section. The fee for an original, renewal, or replacement farm permit shall be the fee and surcharge prescribed in section 60-4,115. All farm permits shall be subject to revocation under the terms of section 60-496. Any person who violates the terms of a farm permit shall be guilty of an infraction and shall not be eligible for another school, farm, LPD-learner's, or LPE-learner's permit until he or she has attained the age of sixteen years.

(2) Any person who holds a permit issued under this section and has violated subdivision (3)(b) or (c) of section 28-306, subdivision (3)(b) or (c) of section 28-394, or section 28-1254, 60-6,196, 60-6,197, or 60-6,197.06 shall not be eligible for an ignition interlock permit.


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    Effective Date: July 18, 2014