Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2141

Chapter 44 Section 2141


Voting of securities; when prohibited; injunction.

No security which is the subject of any agreement or arrangement regarding acquisition, or which is acquired or to be acquired, in contravention of the Insurance Holding Company System Act or of any rule, regulation, or order of the director may be voted at any shareholder's meeting or may be counted for quorum purposes, and any action of shareholders requiring the affirmative vote of a percentage of shares may be taken as though such securities were not issued and outstanding, but no action taken at any such meeting shall be invalidated by the voting of such securities unless the action would materially affect control of the insurer or unless the courts of this state have so ordered. If an insurer or the director has reason to believe that any security of the insurer has been or is about to be acquired in contravention of the act or of any rule, regulation, or order of the director, the insurer or the director may apply to the district court of Lancaster County for an order to enjoin any offer, request, invitation, agreement, or acquisition made in contravention of sections 44-2126 to 44-2130 or any rule, regulation, or order of the director to enjoin the voting of any security so acquired, to void any vote of such security already cast at any meeting of shareholders, and for such other equitable relief as the nature of the case and the interest of the insurer's policyholders, creditors, and shareholders or the public may require.


  • Laws 1991, LB 236, § 21.