Nebraska Revised Statute 39-859

Chapter 39 Section 859


Interstate county bridges; property previously acquired; validation.

If any such county prior to May 21, 1935, has acquired, purchased, or received an assignment by gift or otherwise, any existing highway, wagon, vehicle or automobile bridge or viaduct including approaches and avenues, rights-of-way or easements, or avenues to approaches, necessary real and personal property incident thereto, special privileges and leases in connection with construction of any bridges within the State of Nebraska and any adjoining state and across any river, navigable or nonnavigable stream, forming a boundary line between any county within the State of Nebraska and any other state of the United States, if in every other way regular in form, the same shall be and is hereby declared legal and valid and the property of the county and of the same force and effect as if such property had been theretofore directly acquired by the county.


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