Nebraska Revised Statute 37-493

Chapter 37 Section 493


License; refusal to issue or renew; suspension or revocation; grounds; notice; hearing.

The commission may either refuse to issue or refuse to renew or may suspend or may revoke any game breeding and controlled shooting area license if the commission finds that such licensed area or the operator thereof is not complying or does not comply with the provisions of sections 37-484 to 37-496, or that such property or area is operated in violation of other provisions of sections 37-484 to 37-496, or in an unlawful or illegal manner. The commission shall not refuse to issue, refuse to renew, nor suspend or revoke any license for any of these causes, unless the licensee affected has been given at least fifteen days' notice in writing of the reasons for the action of the commission and an opportunity to appear before the commission or a representative thereof in opposition to the action of the commission. Upon the hearing of any such proceeding, the secretary of the commission, or any representative of the commission designated by him or her, may administer oaths and the commission may procure by its subpoena the attendance of witnesses and the production of relevant books and papers. Any district court or any judge of a district court, upon application of either the licensee affected or of the commission, may on order duly entered require the attendance of witnesses and the production of relevant books and papers before the commission or its representative in any such hearing. Upon refusal or neglect to obey the order of the court or judge, the court or judge may compel obedience of the order by proceedings for contempt of court.


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