Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2521.02

Chapter 29 Section 2521.02


See note regarding referendum petition following the source at the end of the section. Repealed. Laws 2015, LB 268, § 35.


  • Note: Section 29-2521.02 was repealed by Laws 2015, LB 268, section 35. According to Article III, section 3, of the Constitution of Nebraska, the provisions of LB 268 have been suspended due to the certification by the Secretary of State of sufficient signatures on referendum petitions to suspend the taking effect of such act until the same has been approved by the electors of the state. The question will be submitted to the voters at the November 2016 general election. The prior version of section 29-2521.02 is found in Volume 1 of the 2014 Cumulative Supplement of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska.