Nebraska Revised Statute 25-214

Chapter 25 Section 214


Actions against absconding or absent debtor.

If a cause of action accrues against a person while he or she is out of the state or has absconded or concealed himself or herself, the period limited for the commencement of the action shall not begin to run (1) until he or she comes into the state or (2) while he or she is absconded or concealed. If the person departs from the state or absconds or conceals himself or herself after the cause of action accrues, the time of his or her absence or concealment shall not be computed as any part of the period within which the action must be brought.


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  • 1. Absent debtor

  • 2. Absconding debtor

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • 1. Absent debtor

  • The tolling statute does not suspend the statute of limitations when one is absent from the state but nonetheless remains amenable to the service of personal process. Dalition v. Langemeier, 246 Neb. 993, 524 N.W.2d 336 (1994).

  • Petition in action on domestic judgment which appeared to be barred was sufficient to plead facts regarding defendant's absence from state to toll statute as against general demurrer. Farmers & Merchants Bank of Axtell v. Merryman, 126 Neb. 684, 254 N.W. 428 (1934).

  • This section is inapplicable to action for death of plaintiff's intestate, where defendant had been absent from state for more than two years. Gengo v. Mardis, 103 Neb. 164, 170 N.W. 841 (1919).

  • Absence from state does not toll statute where it has been of such a character as to entitle defendant to benefit of statute of another state to which he has removed. Webster v. Davies, 44 Neb. 301, 62 N.W. 484 (1895).

  • Nonresidence will not prevent running of statute on action to quiet title to real estate. Lantry v. Parker, 37 Neb. 353, 55 N.W. 962 (1893).

  • Mere temporary absence does not suspend statute. Blodgett v. Utley, 4 Neb. 25 (1875).

  • Where a person resided in another state, but came to this state each business day where service could have been had on him, he is not absent from the state within the meaning of this section. Webster v. Citizens' Bank of Omaha, 2 Neb. Unof. 353, 96 N.W. 118 (1902).

  • Statute of limitations was not tolled by absence from state of alleged tort-feasor, a California resident, if at all times following accident California resident could be sued in the state by virtue of nonresident motor vehicle statute. Gatliff v. Little Audrey's Transportation Co., Inc., 317 F.Supp. 1117 (D. Neb. 1970).

  • 2. Absconding debtor

  • Note showing on face that it is outlawed does not render petition demurrable, where plaintiff alleges failure to begin action within five years was due to absconding of defendant. Cummings v. Keating & Co., 103 Neb. 453, 172 N.W. 358 (1919).

  • Concealment or absconding must be such as prevents bringing of action in this state. Talcott v. Bennett, 49 Neb. 569, 68 N.W. 931 (1896).

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • This section was not applicable to an application for modification of alimony under section 42-365 because that section concerns not the commencement of an action, but, rather, upon what an order of modification operates. Hamilton v. Hamilton, 242 Neb. 687, 496 N.W.2d 507 (1993).

  • Where debtor comes into state openly and stays sufficient period to afford requisite time for service of summons, he has "come into the state" even though his coming was temporary. Fort Collins Nat. Bank v. Strachan, 102 Neb. 233, 166 N.W. 553 (1918).

  • Statute does not run in favor of a foreign corporation while service of summons cannot be had upon it in this state. Ball Engine Co. v. Bennett Co., 98 Neb. 290, 152 N.W. 550 (1915).

  • Temporary absences cannot be aggregated together to prolong statute. Hedges v. Roach, 16 Neb. 673, 21 N.W. 404 (1884).

  • Debtor must reside for full statutory time within state before action is barred. Edgerton v. Wachter, 9 Neb. 500, 4 N.W. 85 (1880).