Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1122

Chapter 25 Section 1122


General and special verdicts; definitions; form of special verdicts generally.

The verdict of a jury is either general or special. A general verdict is that by which they pronounce, generally, upon all or any of the issues either in favor of the plaintiff or defendant. A special verdict is that by which the jury finds the facts only. It must present the facts as established by the evidence, and not the evidence to prove them; and they must be so presented that nothing remains to the court but to draw from them conclusions of law.


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  • Where the jury returned a general verdict in favor of an injured railroad employee on his claims for lost earnings and benefits, it was presumed on appeal that the jury found in favor of the employee on all issues, including lost wages. Heckman v. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ry. Co., 286 Neb. 453, 837 N.W.2d 532 (2013).

  • A special verdict is one by which the jury finds the facts only. Baum v. County of Scotts Bluff, 172 Neb. 225, 109 N.W.2d 295 (1961).

  • Where special verdict found that negligence of plaintiff was more than slight and negligence of defendant less than gross, dismissal of action was proper. Carlson v. Hanson, 166 Neb. 96, 88 N.W.2d 140 (1958).

  • Where jury finds amount of principal debt, court can compute interest thereon and render judgment for amount due. Wiruth v. Lashmett, 85 Neb. 286, 123 N.W. 427 (1909).

  • Error cannot be predicated, in absence of proper request, on failure to submit additional questions. Town v. Missouri Pac. Ry. Co., 50 Neb. 768, 70 N.W. 402 (1897).

  • Where special finding is a conclusion or an inference drawn from others, it may be disregarded. Johnston v. Milwaukee & Wyoming Inv. Co., 49 Neb. 68, 68 N.W. 383 (1896).

  • Where special findings do not cover entire case, court may refuse to submit same. First Nat. Bank of North Bend v. Miltonberger, 33 Neb. 847, 51 N.W. 232 (1892).