Nebraska Revised Statute 22-215

Chapter 22 Section 215


County assets and liabilities, how divided.

All the property, both real and personal, and all debts and liabilities and choses in action of every kind belonging to the county or counties from which such new county was formed shall be divided by the several county boards of the counties interested between the county or counties from which such new county is formed and the new county in proportion to the taxable value of property for the last preceding year which has been taken from such original county or counties and carried to such new county. If such boards cannot agree upon such division, they may refer the matters of difference to arbitrators or the right to such property may be settled by a suit in the district court brought by either party for that purpose. In case the property cannot be divided or removed, the county receiving the same shall pay to the other a proportionate value for the same.


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  • Balance in bridge fund divided in proportion to the relative assessed valuation of counties. Western Bridge & Construction Co. v. Cheyenne County, 91 Neb. 206, 136 N.W. 36 (1912).

  • Balance agreed as due from one county may be sued for without presentation to board. Perkins County v. Keith County, 58 Neb. 323, 78 N.W. 630 (1899).

  • In action to recover proper proportion of value of real property retained by old county, it is no defense to show that land was originally conveyed by a deed with conditions. Brown County v. Rock County, 51 Neb. 277, 70 N.W. 943 (1897).