Nebraska Revised Statute 19-2203

Chapter 19 Section 2203


Error in platting; application; order to show cause; contents; publication.

If it shall appear to the judge of the district court that such application is properly filed, he or she shall make an order directing all persons owning real estate or having an interest in real estate situated in such part of such city or village, giving the name of the plat as recorded as well as a general description of the territory affected by the proposed correction and reestablishment of corporate limits, to appear before him or her at a time and place to be specified, not less than four and not more than ten weeks from the time of making such order, to show cause why a decree correcting and reestablishing the corporate limits of such city or village should not be entered. The notice of such order to show cause shall be made by publication in a legal newspaper published in such city or village if there is any printed in such city or village and, if there is not, in some legal newspaper printed in the county having general circulation in such city or village. If no legal newspaper is printed in the county, such notice shall be published in a legal newspaper having general circulation in such city or village. The notice shall be published four consecutive weeks in such newspaper and shall contain a summary statement of the object and prayer of the application, mention the court where it is filed, and notify the persons interested when they are required to appear and show cause why such decree should not be entered.


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