Nebraska Revised Statute 17-906

Chapter 17 Section 906


Power plant; construction; eminent domain; procedure.

Any city of the second class or village is hereby authorized and empowered to erect a power plant, electric or other light works outside the corporate limits of such city or village, and to acquire such real estate required for any plant. Such city or village in establishing and erecting such plant shall have the right to purchase or take private property for the purpose of erecting the plant and constructing, running, and extending its transmission line. In all cases such city or village shall pay to such person or persons whose property shall be taken or injured thereby such compensation therefor as may be agreed upon or as shall be allowed by lawful condemnation proceedings. The procedure to condemn property shall be exercised in the manner set forth in sections 76-704 to 76-724, except as to property specifically excluded by section 76-703 and as to which sections 19-701 to 19-707 are applicable.


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  • Power is conferred upon municipality to erect electric or other light works outside the corporate limits of the municipality, and to raise funds therefor. Interstate Power Co. v. City of Ainsworth, 125 Neb. 419, 250 N.W. 649 (1933).