Nebraska Revised Statute 17-147

Revised Statutes » Chapter 17 » 17-147
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17-147. Fire department; organization and equipment.

A second-class city shall have power to procure fire engines, hooks, ladders, buckets and other apparatus, to organize fire engine, hook and ladder, and bucket companies, to prescribe rules of duty and the government thereof with such penalties as the council may deem proper, not exceeding one hundred dollars, and to make all necessary appropriations therefor.


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Power given in this section to procure fire engines, hooks, ladders, etc., is totally different from the power to issue obligations unimpeachable in the hands of third persons in payment therefor. State ex rel. City of O'Neill v. Marsh, 121 Neb. 841, 238 N.W. 760 (1931).

A city may impose an occupation tax by ordinance upon a fire insurance company for the purpose of maintaining a volunteer fire department. German-American Fire Ins. Co. v. City of Minden, 51 Neb. 870, 71 N.W. 995 (1897).