Nebraska Revised Statute 16-1113

Chapter 16 Section 1113


Merged cities; name; rights, privileges, franchises, property, and suits; how treated.

(1) Upon the effective date of a merger plan, the cities involved in the plan shall be treated under the name and upon the terms and conditions set forth in the plan. Except as provided in subsections (6) and (7) of this section, statutory references to the names of the cities as they existed prior to the merger plan shall be deemed to reference the name of the merged city as set forth in the plan.

(2) All rights, privileges, and franchises of each of the several cities, all real and personal property, all rights-of-way, all other interests, and all debts due on whatever account, as well as other things in action, belonging to each of such cities, shall be deemed as transferred to and vested in the merged city without further act or deed. All records, books, and documents shall be transferred to and vested in the merged city. All money on hand and accounts receivable shall be distributed pursuant to the merger plan.

(3) The title to real property, either by deed or otherwise, under the laws of this state vested in any of the cities, shall not be deemed to revert or be in any way impaired by reason of merger, but the rights of creditors and all liens upon the property of any of the cities shall be preserved unimpaired.

(4) Suits may be brought and maintained against such merged city in any of the courts of this state in the same manner as against any other city of the first class. Pursuant to the merger plan, any action or proceeding pending by or against any of the cities may be prosecuted to judgment and the merged city may be substituted in its place.

(5) The boundaries for school districts and election districts for offices other than the merged offices shall continue as prior to merger unless and until changed in accordance with law.

(6) For purposes of political representation, the existing boundaries for such districts shall continue until changed in accordance with law.

(7) Such merged city shall in all respects, except as provided in the First-Class City Merger Act, be subject to all the obligations and liabilities imposed and shall possess all the rights, powers, and privileges vested by law in other cities of the first class.