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Public Counsel Statutes

In 1969, the Nebraska Legislature enacted the Nebraska Public Counsel Act, the state law creating the Ombudsman’s Office and authorizing its activities. Those sections of law may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

81-8,240 Terms, defined.
81-8,241 Public Counsel; established; appointment.
81-8,242 Public Counsel; qualifications.
81-8,243 Public Counsel; term; removal; vacancy; salary.
81-8,244 Public Counsel; personnel; appointment; compensation; authority.
81-8,245 Public Counsel; powers; enumerated.
81-8,246 Public Counsel; particular administrative acts addressed.
81-8,247 Public Counsel; complaint; investigation; decision; notify complainant.
81-8,248 Public Counsel; complaint; conclusion or recommendation; consult with agency or person.
81-8,249 Public Counsel; agency; information; recommendations.
81-8,250 Public Counsel; conclusions; publish; inclusions.
81-8,251 Public Counsel; report to Clerk of the Legislature; time; contents.
81-8,252 Public Counsel; public officer or employee; acted to warrant criminal proceedings; refer to proper authorities.
81-8,253 Public Counsel; proceedings, opinion, expression; not reviewable by court; not subject to testify or produce evidence.
81-8,254 Violations; penalty; state employee; complaint; effect.